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Check out this video on the Agape School and Boarding House!

Morning prayers at Agape School

This video essay provides images and information about one of the migrant schools we support, the Agape school and boarding house.  http://www.samihguven.com/video/

The Mae Tao Clinic supports boarding houses similar to Agape, as well as our Bamboo Children’s Home and Children’s Development Centre. 2011 has seen a considerable increase in the number of children in these schools and homes due to the conflict that broke out in November 2010. This increase has put significant pressure on our ability to help fund the schools and homes: we provide dry food rations to almost 3000 children per month, and when we are able, we also provide sleeping and sanitation supplies.

Children live in these types of schools and boarding houses for a variety of reasons, including being orphaned or abandoned, poverty in Burma rendering their parents unable to properly care for them, the risk of being recruited as a child soldier, or for forced labour and the risk of being trafficked as well as the fear and reality of conflict breaking out in their villages. While the Mae Tao Clinic continues to support these children, we can’t do it without your help and donations. If you would like to help, please head over to our donation page. Use the drop down tab above to learn more about Mae Tao Clinic’s Child Protection programmes.

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