Breaking News – Fire at Umpiem Mai Refugee Camp

At around 11:30am this morning, a fire broke out at Umpiem Mai Refugee Camp, just 87kms from Mae Sot. So far reports indicate that over one third of the camp has been affected by the blaze with at least 1000 homes, 3 mosques and 2 nursery schools having been burnt, with sections 6,7,8 and 9 being completely destroyed. There is no information available yet as to how the fire began, but high temperatures and windy conditions have contributed to the rapid spread of the fire through the Camp. The majority of buildings in the Camp, particularly the houses, are simple wood, leaf and bamboo structures.

It is estimate that Umpiem Mai Refugee Camp is home to 15,207 refugees. At this stage there are is very little information available regarding injuries or fatalities. As part of the Emergency Assistance Response Team (EART), some Mae Tao Clinic staff have travelled to Umpiem to assist in the relief efforts.

We will update this information as more becomes available.

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