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Umpiem Fire Update #3

The following information on the recent fire at Umpiem Refugee Camp is from the TBBC website. Please refer to their site if you would like any further information.

This report is based on a report received from our Umphang Field Office on the evening of Saturday 25 February.

Main points

  1. Coordination between Thai authorities, NGOs, UNHCR, refugee and camp committees has been excellent. A joint meeting between NGOs and UNHCR shared information and delegated authority.
  2. The missing child has been found well and was under the care of another family. There have been no major casualties.
  3. On 24 February the refugee community was grateful that the Thai Red Cross and the Deputy Governor of Tak province donated 1,000 bags of Non-food items which inluded blankets, soap, first aid and other hygiene items.
  4. Best estimates now indicate that some 3,000 refugees have been affected. TBBC and the camp committee will verify this number before distributing new ration books.
Food situation

  1. TBBC and IRC have been designated as the focal agencies for food. Any donations of food in kind should be given to these two agencies.
  2. TBBC is working closely with the camp committee, camp warehouse managers and warehouse staff to distribute food rations to the affected families living in seven temporary sites and in relatives’ homes.
  3. TBBC will provide new ration books as soon as the number of families and individuals have been verified.
  4. Until the ration books are redistributed, TBBC is providing six sacks of rice, two tins of cooking oil and 20 sacks of charcoal each day for each of the seven temporary distribution points.
  5. TBBC and the camp committee have set up community kitchens in each of the seven temporary sites. TBBC food rations are being distributed together with extra food donated by other groups.
  6. The Muslim community are responsible for cooking their own food in accordance with their religious restrictions.
Non-Food items

  1. COERR and ADRA have been designated as the focal agencies for Non-Food Items (NFI). Any donations of food in kind should be given to these two agencies.
  2. Stoves are being provided by SVA.
  3. Cooking utencils donated so far seem to be sufficient.
  4. TBBC is distributing the following NFIs:



To be





Mosquito Nets


Cooking pots









Big spoons


Plastic drinking cups


Sarong (mens)



sarong (womens)




  1. The actual number of buildings burnt seems to be less than first reported, now around 400 (with ~ 600 families affected as more than one family stays in some houses), with another 350 houses which lost roofing to protect their houses.
  2. TBBC now estimates it will cost 12-13 million baht to repare the damage to shelter.
  3. TBBC plans to immediately distribute two plastic sheets, three bamboo poles, 6 metres of rope and 4 metres of wire to each affected household.
  4. On Friday ~ 1,000 bamboo poles were delivered and 1,050 plastic sheets from UNHCR. More bamboo was to arrive over the weekend.

  1. ARC has been designated as the focal agency for Water and Sanitation (Watsan), and AMI for Health.
  2. ARC have distributed mosquito nets, mats, gerry cans, laundry basins, gave hygiene education, and started fixing water pipelines.
  3. ARC will be setting up latrines (should be ready in three days) for the distribution centres, and will be replacing some 600 destroyed toilets.
  4. Supplementary feeding clinics have been set up for pregnant and lactating women.



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