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September funding update

It’s been just over 2 months since we launched our emergency appeal for funding. Thanks to your generous response to our plea for help, we can report that our funding situation is looking better, but that there is still a great need for more support.

Your donations have already gone towards essential medicines, medical supplies and food

Since the appeal was launched, we have raised 7.5 million THB (around 240,000 USD).

We wish to thank everybody who has donated in response to our emergency appeal and those who have helped spread the message so far.

Your donations have already helped us assist thousands of people. In the past two months, 2.5 million of the emergency funding received from our friends and supporters has already been spent on vital medicines, medical supplies, stipends, food for patients and operating costs. The remaining funds will be spent in the same way, and will also be used to fund activities at our clinic in Burma, Pa Hite Clinic.

The Dry Food Programme for Boarding Houses is safe until the end of this year

Just over 1 million of the funds donated were specifically for our Dry Food Programme for Boarding Houses. We also received food donations worth an additional 1 million THB. Back in June, we were afraid that we would have to stop this key programme, which provides essential food rations to around 3,000 children in nearby boarding houses. Thanks to your donations, we can continue to feed these unaccompanied children until at least November. We have also received promises of further funding from other organisations that will enable us to continue the programme until the end of the year. However, the need for the Dry Food Programme will not disappear in January 2013, so we are trying to find a way to fund this programme in the longer term.

While we have been busy raising funds, all departments have been forced to reduce their budgets as much as possible. We have now cut our 2012 budget to 94 million THB (around 3 million USD), which is much lower than the 104 million spent on key services in 2011 and the 100m spent in 2010 – even though the number of patients and children we help has not fallen. As a first measure to reduce the budget, all staff stipends were cut by 20% in June. In August, we only cut 10% from stipends, as it became more apparent that our staff were suffering heavily from this cut – but we can barely afford this increase.

To raise stipends back up to 100%, continue vital medical referrals and to ensure we have some flexible funds for essential medicines, supplies and food, we need another 10 million THB until the end of this year. You can help by visiting our Donate page and by sharing this message with your friends.

Thanks again to everybody who has responded so kindly and generously to our appeal. We hope you will continue to support us during this challenging time.

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