Successful Twin Birth at MTC

Ma Htike is 35 years old. She originally comes from Belin in Mon state, Burma but has lived in Phop Pra, Thailand for nearly 8 years now .

Ma Ktike works in the rose gardens. She came to get treatment from the clinic during her pregnancy.  MTC staff took her vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate and weight) and gave her some medicine. She only came to the clinic for one ANC visit during her pregnancy because she is an illegal worker and feared arrest as she has no legal documentation. Thus, she was just over seven months pregnant when she came to the clinic to give birth. She delivered early to twins; a 1.8-kilogram baby boy and 1.4- kilogram baby girl.

As the babies were premature they were given oxygen to help their under-developed lungs. Ma Htike and her babies stayed at MTC for a total of 1 month for neonatal care. Now her babies have gained weight and are perfectly healthy. Ma Htike and her babies are now getting their child a Thai birth certificate and I.D. cards with the help of MTC birth documentation. Also before Ma Htike returned home the medics gave her some suggestions and advice on maternal and child health to help her take care of her babies. Then Ma Htike hopes her babies will be educated people when they grow up even though she doesn’t have the money to cover the school fees, she said she will try as best she can to give them a good life.

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