Meet Our Patients (1): Nan Win Kyi’s Story

A familiar face often seen around the Reproductive Health Impatient Department is Nan Win Kyi, age 38 years. She comes from Dwei .Her husband died from Malaria when she was 2 months pregnant with her son. At that time she was facing many problems for living so she decided to move to Mawlamyaing to get a job. She worked at a food stall without pay because someone took money for her wage. After 5 months, some customers felt pity for her so they helped her to go to MTC at Mae Sot across the border in Thailand to have her baby. During her travel to MTC she didn’t have anything to eat and so she got weak and sick. The medic at MTC took care of her, gave her a blood transfusion, treated her with kindness and gave her food. After she got better she asked the medic for a place to stay the medic helped her to find a place to stay at the SAW (Social Action for Women) organization. After she delivered her baby boy at MTC, She went back to SAW again and continued to stay there until her baby was 3 months. After that she went back to MTC with her baby and founded odd jobs like washing patient’s clothes and work for the patients when they needed help. Sometimes she got money for these but some time not because some patients are very poor. Last year she found a temple that has an orphanage so she sent her baby there to get free study and care from there. For the last 3 months she has been married to a man who work in construction for her security and she wants to depend on someone. She said “as the medic took care me when I was trouble, I will help the patients as much as I can and I will continue to work at MTC until I leave Thailand”. She feels that work in MTC is very safe for her. During MTC’s flooding, she was very motivated to help the patients and staff. She carried the clinic’s and patient’s materials to move to CDC school. Also she brought the patients who can’t walk well. According to interview with her she said “during the flooding the medics were very busy taking care of the patients as their own families so that I really respect them and want to work with them”.

Posted on August 2, 2017, by Mae Tao Clinic.

This interview was conducted and posted previously on our old homepage.

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