Meet Our Patients (4): Aung Ko’s Story

This is Aung Ko. He is 31 years old. He lives in a village near Pha An township in Burma. He is married and has a daughter attending grade one at school.

He wasn’t able to study when he was younger because his family were very poor and he needed to take care of them. His current job is very dangerous because he works in rock blasting – where they create explosions with mines to make gravel. His income is only enough to cover food costs for his family, but not for health care or other essentials. He has to move very often for work, which meant that his daughter’s education has been very disrupted.

Unfortunately, he recently suffered a very serious work injury from a blast. He has injuries all over his body and severely injured both eyes. Soon after the accident, he went to a local clinic where he received first aid, a tetanus vaccination, eye drops and bandages. He did not have money to pay for further treatment so he decided to travel to Mae Tao Clinic. Due to the severity of his injuries, Mae Tao Clinic referred him to Mae Sot Hospital after he arrived. He was admitted to Mae Sot hospital for four days and he had to have his right eye removed. Fortunately, he can still see with his left eye. He can go back home in two days, but currently does not have the money for the transportation, so MTC staff will help him get back home. He will need to return to Mae Tao Clinic next month to get fitted with an artificial eye.

He told us that he is very satisfied with his treatment and said, “everything is fine here, I can’t complain about anything, because the quality of services is better than in the area I’m living”.

Posted on August 2, 2017, by Mae Tao Clinic.

This interview was conducted and posted previously on the previous MTC website.

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