Meet Our Patients (5): Say Say’s story

Say Say is just two months old. She comes from Myawaddy township in Burma. Say Say has three brothers and one sister.

Say Say recovering with her brother and mother came to Mae Tao Clinic with malaria several years ago and since then, she has returned regularly to get all her children vaccinated.

Say Say’s parents are farmers and they don’t have a regular income. When Say Say started getting sick, her mother took her to see a doctor at a private clinic in Myawaddy. But Say Say did not get better after the doctor treated her, and her mother believes that the doctor did not give the correct treatment.

Say Say’s mother started getting very worried about her daughter and decided to come to Mae Tao Clinic. Say Say had a fever and her breaths were very short and fast. Shortly after arriving at the clinic, Say Say stopped breathing and the medical staff had to use CPR. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and beri beri, a form of malnutrition that can be fatal in infants. After treatment, Say Say’s breathing improved, she no longer needed an oxygen tank and she was able to go home with her mother after a few days.

Her mother told us that she prefers to come to Mae Tao Clinic because she has been very satisfied with the services here. She could not afford Say Say’s treatment if she had been admitted to a government or private hospital in Burma with such a serious condition. She wishes to thank Mae Tao Clinic for curing her daughter.

Posted on August 2, 2017, by Mae Tao Clinic.

This interview was conducted and posted previously on the previous MTC website.

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