Meet Our Patients (7): Tin Mon’s story

Tin Mon is 29 years old and is a mother of four children. She is originally from Mon State, Burma, but moved to the outskirts of Myawaddy Township, just across the border from Thailand, three years ago. She and her husband of 12 years decided to move to Myawaddy as they were more likely to find better-paid work there to help support their family.

Tin Mon earns money by selling vegetables by the roadside, while her husband works in a factory. She was only able to complete Grade 1 at a school in Mon State before she was forced to start working in farms and plantations to support herself at the age of 12. Her children are slightly luckier; the eldest two are both attending schools and the third child will be enrolled in school this coming academic year, but Tin Mon doubts that they have enough money to send the fourth to school when the child is slightly older.

Tin Mon first came to Mae Tao Clinic to receive ante-natal care when she discovered she was three months pregnant. Five months into the pregnancy, she discoved unusual bleeding and realised she needed medical attention. She arrived at the clinic three days ago with her aunt. The staff at Mae Tao Clinic told Tin Mon that she had unfortunately suffered a miscarriage.

Tin Mon is very sad to have lost the baby. However, she says that having another child would have been an extra burden on the family and would have made it more difficult to provide for her other children. She did not want another child originally, but did not have regular access to family planning in Burma. During her stay at the clinic, she has been given advice on different family planning options and has decided to choose a contraceptive implant that will work for three years. After the three years have passed, she will review her options again.

Tin Mon wants to say a big thank you to the medics in the reproductive health department who helped take care of her. She also wants to thank Mae Tao Clinic for the quality, free services it offers; she is grateful to be able to access treatment and family planning without have to use the limited funds she has to support her family.

Posted on August 3, 2017, by Mae Tao Clinic.

This interview was conducted and posted previously on the previous MTC website.

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