Meet Our Patients (9): U San Thaung Kyi’s Story

In 2016, MTC’s Eye Department provided nearly 11,000 consultations: 4,000 patients received non-invasive medical treatment and health education; 6,100 patients received eyeglasses; and 1,576 surgeries were performed of which 80% for cataract removal with intra ocular implantation. Patients from the eye department were at 96% completely satisfied at the exit client interview.


U San Thaung Kyi is 44 years old and married. He has seven children. Among them three older children are already married, the other four children are staying with him. He is living in Ka Ma Maung, Karen State. He works for family income by doing a daily job and his wife is selling household items at home as well. He earns between 5,000 kyat* and 6,000 kyat per day but sometimes the income is not enough for family livelihoods. He has faced eye problem, cataract, since he was 42 years old.

He took X-ray in Burma and the doctor told him that he should operate his eye to take out cataract. However, he does not take the operation for his eye as the cost was too high.


In order to operate my eyes, I must have at least 200,000 kyat. We are just normal people how can we pay for the cost? Only testing eyes costs 5,000 kyats, besides medicine. On top of that, I felt that clinic staff treats differently between rich and poor people when I was at the clinic in Burma

said U San Thaung Kyi. So, he left his eyes without any treatment for over two years. Consequently, his eyesight was getting weaker day by day. Fortunately, however, he heard the good news from one of his friends that he can cure his eye at Mae Tao Clinic. His friend explained him about MTC healthcare service.

After that, he planned to come to MTC to check his eye cataract. The transportation cost to MTC was 12,000 kyats. When he arrived at MTC, the staff did an examination and he was admitted in the eye department to remove the cataract. It was the first time for him to come to MTC. Now, he already stayed six days at MTC. He said that he feels like he gets the better eyesight after the operation. In the same time, he wants to share his feeling with us “I do not need to worry about a place to sleep and eat, don’t need to pay for the medical treatment, and the staff members are non-discriminatory — they treat me like a family. This clinic gave me back my good eye like before. Now I can see and read clearly”. After the treatment, he will back to his hometown.


* 1 USD = 1348 Myanmar Kyat (August 28, 2017)

(This interview was conducted on August 22, 2017)

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