[Fundraising Campaign] Thank You!

  Dear friends of Mae Tao Clinic, We are pleased to present to you the result of our fundraising campaign, which was held from October until 31st December, 2017. Our appreciation goes to all individuals, partners and organizations who have supported us. Highlights of the campaign are the kind offer of Borderline Collective, a teashop in Mae Read more about [Fundraising Campaign] Thank You![…]

Dr Cynthia Maung Calls for Support for Mae Tao Clinic (VDO)

Mae Tao Clinic launched the fundraising campaign on October 11 2017, in order to keep caring for vulnerable population from Burma/Myanmar in coming years. In this video, Dr Cynthia Maung, founder of Mae Tao Clinic, explains about how the clinic is of indispensable value for the region. For more information please visit our fundraising campaign page.

Refugees on the Thai-Burmese border: Past and present (Panel Discussion)

Founder and director of Mae Tao Clinic, Dr Cynthia Maung, attended the panel discussion held by FTTC on October 18, 2017. Dr Cynthia talked about a brief history of Mae Tao Clinic, its activities and current situation along the border since the NLD-led government became the leading party of Myanmar/Burma. More details of the panel Read more about Refugees on the Thai-Burmese border: Past and present (Panel Discussion)[…]