August 10, 2017

Child Protection

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Children living in the CDC boarding houses and the Bamboo Children’s Home continue to receive support from MTC, allowing them to have a safe space to live and access education.

The Dry Food Programme continues to provide a safe living environment and provides basic dry food supplies to children living in 23 boarding houses including three months of emergency support across migrant and IDP areas.

MTC has transitioned part of the programme to Burma with existing organisations already working inside the country. The political situation is improving in Burma, which makes it easier for large donors to work directly with local agencies inside the country. Twelve IDP boarding houses have been transitioned to the Karen State Boarding House Working Group inside Karen State. The Pa Hite Nursery School has been transitioned to KWO’s Early Childhood Development programme inside Karen state.

Within the Child Welfare Programme, Birth Registration continues to provide delivery certificates to babies delivered at MTC. Of the 2,341 live births at MTC, 2,195 received birth certificates from the Thai authorities within 15 days of birth.

Since 2015 Thailand Health and Education department allows migrant children to access health insurance and educational support if the child has received a birth certificate. The Staff Welfare Programme and Daycare programme has been extended for children aged three months to school age.

The focal point of the Child Protection Referral System is to refer cases of at risk and abused children for case management. The Child Protection Department has continued to deliver the Internal Child Protection Policy case management tools. The monitoring system of the Internal Child Protec on Policy has been reviewed. The staff have been actively delivering case management support since August 2014. The Internal Child Protec on training has been integrated into all levels of MTC for example to the CHV (Community Health Volunteers), in the staff orientation workshop and to the CHW (Community Health Worker) training. The CPP code of conduct has been integrated into the sta manual. The Safe Touch Training for peer to peer has been implemented for the CDC student’s committee.

Throughout 2016 the Child Protection Department developed a closer relationship with the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. Procedures and protocols were strengthened especially for children who were abandoned or in cases of abuse. Shelter and Boarding House registration under the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security was implemented. The involvement of MSDHS ensured that child care services that are provided by CBOs have received priority.

The Coordination Team for Displaced Children Education and Protection Boarding house working group has been involved in the process of shelters and boarding house registration. This collaboration has strengthened this working group network.

During 2016 the Child Protec on Department received 18 cases through the child protection focal points from different MTC departments. A data management system has also been developed to record the case data. The Child Protection Response & Referral System (CPRS) focal point coordinator and data management coordinator have regularly visited and supported the departments in MTC every Friday. Child abuse cases were reduced compared with the last three years. Child Protection monitoring results show that 70% of the migrant community are aware of children’s rights and have some child protection knowledge.

By the end of 2016 MTC Child Protection team has delivered the internal Child Protec on Policy to 299 MTC sta and 27 foreign volunteers. Overall participation has been enthusiastic and all staff who have completed the training have signed the Code of Conduct. The training for the local staff has been provided in Burmese and there has only been one staff member who has attended the training who has needed an interpreter to translate the training from Burmese to Karen.


Download 2016 Child Protection & Education Annual Report

(Updated on 10th of August, 2017)