August 2, 2017

Ma Hnin Yardanar Lwin

6 year old girl

Ma Hnin Yardanar Lwin Case Story

Ma Hnin Yardanar Lwin is a 6 year old girl living in the Hway Ka Loke boarding house, where there are 171 children. She is studying in Kindergarten at CDTC Hway Ka Loke migrant school.  Her father left before she was born. Her mother picks vegetables and fruit in the forest to be able to buy food and other basic needs but does not have extra money to support her daughter.  Her mother cannot afford for her daughter to go to school so in order to get an education her mother sent her to the Boarding house. Ma Hnin Yardanar Lwin likes to stay in the boarding house because she can go to school and has food and protection. Her favorite subject is Mathematics. She likes to draw in her free time. She would like to be a teacher in the future.

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