February 27, 2017

Child Rights

Given the vulnerability of displaced children from Burma, Mae Tao Clinic is collaborating with the other CBOs of the CTDCE to establish child protection policies for children living along the border, and standards of care for boarding facilities.


Principles of Child Protection

The members of the CTDCE are committed to the following principles:

  • To prevent the children of Burmese migrant workers and ethnic families from becoming “stateless” by facilitating the provision of birth registration records through the Committee for the Protection and Promotion of Child Rights (CPPCR)
  • To provide a safe and encouraging living space and environment for displaced children from Burma
  • To provide necessary health care to all Burmese and ethnic minority children through the Child Health Care Services and School Health Programmes at MTC
  • To advocate for children’s rights and promote equitable access to education, health care, security and other basic human rights


Standards of Care

The standards of care address:

  • Children to staff ratio
  • Job descriptions and recruitment policy for boarding house staff
  • Documentation procedures for children residing in the houses
  • The principle of maintaining contact with any existing relatives of the children
  • Mechanisms for preventing child abuse of any kind from taking place in the boarding houses
  • The principle of encouraging child participation in all aspects of boarding house life, including taking responsibility for younger boarding house residents

Assessment of the above guidelines is to be conducted by the BHWG and reported to the Coordinating Team every three months.

In conjunction with CPPCR, MTC coordinated several workshops and trainings on child rights and child protection policies for the community in 2010.