August 8, 2017

Meet our Students

Meet our Students

Here you can meet some of our students, and read stories they have written about themeselves.

One of our Child Protection staff meet with the student


Min Min’s story

My name is Min Min. I am 14 years old. Now I am studying in Grade 5 at New Road School. In the past, I lived in Yangon, Burma. I have 5 siblings and all are boys. We moved to Ka Pyo village Kyite Ka Thar district, Burma after my mother died when I was 3 years old. My father was working as a farmer. After that our farm was destroyed by floods. I was able to attend school in Burma when I was in Grade 1. I was not happy to live in Burma because I could not go to school sometimes when there was big flooding and had to swim. So, I had to stay at home sometimes.

In 2009, we migrated to Thailand. When we reached the migrant area, my father worked as a daily worker. Two of my brothers went to Bangkok and the other two brothers stayed in Mae Sot as well. I attended Grade-1 at Morning Glory School and later moved to New Road School when I was Grade-2. I am very pleased to study here because we are all very open with each other and I can play with my friends.

My favorite hobby is football. The subject I like the most at school is Mathematics. Math is very difficult. However, it is good to calculate and nice to think. The other subjects are very easy .In the future, if I get an opportunity I want to be a doctor. If I don’t, I will go back to Burma and become a soldier to help protect my people.

Soe Soe’s Story

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. I am Karen, an ethnic group of Burma. I was born in 1990, and I grew up in Section (1), Town Kyar Inn Village, Kawkakrite Township, Karen State, Burma. My village is near Kawkakrite Town. The distance is about 6 miles. Most of the villagers in my village are dependent on their day to day work. Also, they must face many problems such as tax, porter fees by KNU, DKBA and the government. Nevertheless, they feel their life is not as hard as some others.

I come from a poor family. My parent’s occupation is hill-side cultivation, and there are six people in my family: my parents, two elder brothers, one sister and me. My background education in Burma is up to the tenth standard in State High School, Kawkakrite, but I failed the matriculation examination. Therefore, I face a lot of difficulties to continue my study in the future. Besides, my parents could not support me to take my entrance exam again, so with sorrow, I decided to leave in my village and family.

At the moment I am one of the students at the CDC, as a Grade 12 student. I live in CDC Boarding House (A) as dormitory student as well. The aim for coming to studying here is to complete my study so that I can attend an international university, so I am trying in the best.

One of the best things about being here is being able to know about the current situations in Burma and different political views. In other words, I will become a man who sees and knows about global events. Studying these areas is giving me a great deal of knowledge, for example, I now know that there are human and earth rights, and child rights. I am learning how to analyse and avoid right and wrong in other people and their actions. I have learned that in Burma we not have freedom of speech.

Other subjects I am interested in are Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. The subjects I find the hardest are English and Thai. When I have finished my study here, I am preparing to sit Minmahaw GED and Wide Horizon entrance exam so. Now I am practicing my weakest subjects so that I will improve. If I fail this entrance exam, I will try again. While I am preparing for this exam, I volunteer in our Clinic and School where I can, and help our teachers when I can.

I would like to end with three words which are my motto: learning, living and serving. God will help us because this time is for our generation.

Aye Myint’s Story

My name is Ma Aye Myint. I was born in May 1999. I have one older sister and I am a student at the CDC. I am studying in Grade 7. My home town is Yangon, Burma. My parents opened a private clinic in our town which gave us enough money to live on. I was able to attend school in Burma until I was in Grade 2. When I was a Grade 3 student, my parents ran into political problems with the SPDC. So our clinic was banned. At that time we had many troubles and my parents couldn’t find any other work. Finally we moved to Thailand in 2005.

When my family and I arrived in this migrant area, we had to face and confront many difficulties with accommodation and so on by virtue of being strangers in a new place. I felt unhappy in this new place because I grew up in Burma. Finally I became happy and cheerful living here as I have friends to help me solve each problem, and also, we have the same feelings because we have lived similar lives.

Studying here is giving me ideas about diversity, and I am so happy for getting a these various experiences and perspectives in my thinking. Now I think I am getting a fair education. The subject I like the best is English, because it is an international language. In fact, I think I can use it one day to attend and enter university and work.

My plans for the future are to go abroad and get a higher education and also graduate, is recommended to go to an international university, so I hope I have a chance to study there. If I will get this opportunity, the subject I want to study is computer and political science and I want to be a person who can speak English fluently.

Naw Poe Si Si’s Story

My name is Naw Poe Si Si. I am 17. I have five siblings in my family and I am the second daughter. I live in Pho Khai Hta Village, Burma located on the mountain. Before, I came to Hsa Thoo Lei boarding house; I was studying in Burma until I passed Grade (6) from a small town which was quite a distance from my village.

After completing at Grade (6), I did not go back to my village; instead I followed with a friend of mine to Mawlemyine City. I went to stay at a monastery there with  her. We were both very happy there because we got good food. Every day we ate meals such as fish, pork, and chicken curry. After three months, I got a letter from my parents with money (10,000) kyat. When I read the letter, it said that my village had been burned and the villagers had been forced to more to another place by the SPDC. After that, I came back to my village. However, when I arrived at the village, I couldn’t find anyone either my parents, brothers or sisters. I saw a few families in the village and I asked as old man about my family. He said, “They have gone to live in your uncle’s village that located near the Thai-Burma border. I had to stay with him for a few days. When the SPDC returned to our village, we had to go and hide in the forest. When they left, we then could return to our village.

One month later I followed a man to Thailand, to my uncle’s village. When I saw my brothers, parents and sisters, I was so happy. My parents didn’t stay there for long though. They sent me to Hsa Thoo Lei boarding house school to continue my education at school and then, they all returned to the village.

In my life, I will never forget anything that has happened to me and I remember every moment. At present, I am studying in Grade (7) at Hsa Thoo Lei Learning Centre. My hobby is reading cartoon and I want to be a nurse in the future. Now, I miss my parents so much, but I can still only pray for them when I go to bed.