Child Inpatient

The Child Inpatient Department was established in 2005 as it was realised that the needs of children are very different to those of adults. The department treats mainly malaria, acute respiratory infection, and diarrhea.

Child Inpatients (Child IPD)

Dr Cynthia talking to a patient's parent in Child IPD

Established in 1999, the Medical IPD was a combined service for both adults and children. Among children, malnutrition is also a common case, and this was one of the leading reasons for the development of a separate Children’s IPD in 2005; children with weakened immune systems needed to be separated from patients with contagious illnesses.

The most common cases seen continue to be malaria, acute respiratory infection, and diarrhea, with a continuing increase in the number of chronic cases being seen at the clinic, including cancer, sclerosis, hypertension, nephritic syndrome, and heart disease.

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