August 11, 2017

HSS Strategic Plan

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  • Leadership and Governance

Goal 1. To define the organizational structures of the HSS Project.

Goal 2. To ensure consultative procedures and mechanisms are in place at all levels of the project.

Goal 3. All health policies will be equitable and in line with the HSS values with special consideration given to human rights and gender awareness.

Goal 4. All CBO and EHO leaders will be accountable and responsible at each level of administration.

Goal 5. To formulate a transition plan toward area health service delivery instead of organization service delivery as part of a Federal Health System.


  • Health Information System

Goal 1. To improve the standards of health records

Goal 2. To upgrade health workers’ Health Information management skills and knowledge.

Goal 3. To improve the communication concerning the health information system with all stakeholders.

Goal 4. To improve the effectiveness of the utilization of the health data.


  • Health Workforce

Goal 1. To ensure the health workforce is providing equitable and quality health care services.

Goal 2. To increase the availability of health workers in a geographically equitable on one line.

Goal 3. To strengthen the human resource policy.

Goal 4. To explore opportunities for workforce accreditation or certification.


  • Health Financing

Goal 1. To explore opportunities for workforce accreditation or certification.

Goal 2. To maintain financial security for the Federal Health System.

Goal 3. To ensure financial security is maintained for every individual in the Federal Health System in Eastern Burma.


  • Access to Essential Medicine, Medical Supplies and Medical Technology

Goal 1. To standardize operating procedures related to medicine, medical supplies and technologies.

Goal 2. To improve the usage of medicines in safe, efficient, equitable and effective ways.


  • Service Delivery

Goal 1. To improve accessibility to comprehensive, quality primary health care services.

Goal 2. To sustain the primary health service through community participation.


Download MTC’s Health System Strengthening Strategic Plan 2016-2019 here

(Updated on 11th of August, 2017)