Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us at the Mae Tao Clinic. Please read the following information and contact us if you think you may be able to volunteer with us.

Information for Medical Students

Medical student placements at the Mae Tao Clinic are available to final year medical students and usually involve a weekly or fortnightly rotation through the Outpatient, Surgical, Inpatient and Child and Reproductive Health Departments.

As the number of medical students wishing to be placed at the Clinic often exceeds the places available, all students seeking placement are required to provide a range of documentation in order to be considered for placement. It is required that these documents are received at least three months prior to the desired commencement time. Acceptance of a medical student for placement is determined at a monthly meeting of the Mae Tao Clinic Department Heads.

To be considered for medical student placement, please provide copies of the following by email or fax:

  • Your current CV
  • Two letters of reference, one of which must be from a recent medical supervisor
  • A copy of your passport
  • Your most recent academic transcript, and a letter of confirmation of study, provided by your university (please ensure there is an official university stamp on these)
  • Your preferred placement dates

These documents can be sent to Mae Tao Clinic by email, to info@maetaoclinic.org, If you do not provide the required documents within the specified timeframe, your application may not be approved.

If you are accepted for a placement at Mae Tao Clinic, please download and carefully read our Volunteer Information Pack. This pack contains everything you need to know about what your placement will entail, and information about Mae Sot including accommodation options, visas and getting to Mae Sot from Bangkok.

Medical Volunteers

We appreciate the assistance of trained medical professionals in a variety of medical fields. If you would like to offer your professional expertise to the Clinic, please forward a copy of your CV, and an estimate of the length of time and dates that you would be available to MTC. If we have a volunteer placement for you, we will then request two letters of reference, a copy of your passport, and a copy of your medical license if applicable.

Non-Medical Volunteers

While we do not generally take non-medical related volunteers, if you feel your specific area of expertise could be of use to the Clinic, please email info@maetaoclinic.org with a copy of your CV, and details on how you believe we could utilise your skills.

Mae Tao Clinic is unable to offer any financial support or accommodation to volunteers, but living in Mae Sot can be accomplished on a fairly small budget.

Volunteering in Mae Sot

If, after reading this page, you feel you do not fit our volunteer criteria, don’t be discouraged! There are many other organisations in Mae Sot that rely on volunteers to ensure their programmes continue. Below are links to some organisations that work with the displaced community on the border that can provide advice on where you can volunteer:

Burma Border Projects

The Curriculum Project

What’s happening in Mae Sot?” Facebook group dedicated to questions/advice on Mae Sot and the surrounding areas