February 8, 2017

HIV Care

Testing and screening

In 2016, MTC performed 5,981 HIV tests and 145 patients were diagnosed as HIV positive. MTC screens all ANC clients for HIV. We have compulsory screening for blood donors. Voluntary testing is also offered in the VCT department.


The Thai NAPHA programme (for non- Thai national patients with HIV) will be extended until early 2017. 33 patients are still jointly followed under this programme. Mae Tao clinic is also providing care and treatment to 58 patients, supported by Aids Ark and TdH.


Since June 2016, HIV posi ve pa ents were referred to Burma either to the IOM programme or Myanmar National Aids programme. In total, 96 HIV posi ve pa ents were referred and 85 received treatment.

Agency providing ARV Treatment New Cases in 2016 Cases Diagnosed and Treated from previous years Total
Aids Ark / TdH 2 56 58
Myanmar National Aids Programme 54 31 85
NAPHA (Thailand National AIDS programme) New cases identified here were referred to Myanmar 33 33
Total 56 120 176

People living with HIV (PLWHA) AIDS Home Based Care

MTC has three staff who provide this essential service to PLWHA in the community. They provide Nursing care, ensure treatment is given and organise transportation for people requiring follow up.

Preven on Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT)

This year, we had 44 HIV positive pregnant women either diagnosed in Mae Tao clinic or in other health settings. We included 21 patients in our PMTCT (Preven on Mother to Child Transmission) programme. This programme includes medication, delivery in hospital, milk powder and close follow-up. 19 women were referred to Burma for treatment. Early diagnosis of the baby through special DNA testing started to be offered through collaboration with the Thai Ministry of Health. To improve our programme, a new PMTCT chart and logbook has been developed and implemented this year. In 2016 we strengthened our collaboration with Burma through IOM and the National Aids Programme. This has been challenging due to investigation costs prior to referral, limitation of numbers of patients who can be referred per week and specific criteria for admission in the Burmese programme. We are planning to strengthen our HIV coordination team in 2017.