February 27, 2017

Adolescent Reproductive Health

The Adolescent Reproductive Health Network Team is a community-based group that empowers teenagers to responsibly address adolescent reproductive health issues.

During the months of January to June 2011 ARHN team organised four workshops for students from migrant schools and students living at boarding houses. A total of 88 (46 female and 42 male) were trained in adolescent reproductive health issue.

ARHN is also a reflection of the strong collaboration among community-based organisations along the border. The first collaboration began in 2000 with Social Action for Women (SAW), Karen Women’s Organization (KWO) and MTC.  ARHN is now a network of organisations including, but not limited to Karen Women’s Organisation (KWO), Social Action for Women (SAW), Palaung Women’s Organisation, Karen Youth Organisation (KYO), Burmese Women’s Union, and NLD Women.

Usually the health organisations develop maternal and child services which are clinic based.   Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t integrate with youth, men or other members of society.  Therefore, the ARHN has developed effective outreach to all parts of society.   Cultural and reproductive rights information is provided to a broad population base in a culturally appropriate manner.  In the past, accessing reproductive information for young people was, at best stigmatised or at worst, not possible.  By working both within the schools and outside schools, the outreach is available for students and non-students alike. This approach provides the opportunity to discuss gender equity, youth participation, peer support networks, self-esteem, and raising awareness on issues such as unsafe abortion.

The ARHN conducted a survey of adolescents in migrant, internally displaced and refugee populations.[1]  They developed training curriculum together and conduct trainings with adolescents in these target populations. Topics include gender based violence, sexually transmitted infections, family planning, and leadership skills.




[1] “Protecting our Future:  A report on adolescents’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to reproductive health & rights on the Thai/Burma Border”  Released June 16, 2009.