February 27, 2017

HIV Prevention

HIV services include voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) and testing for Antenatal clients, VCT follow up visits, home-based care for people living with HIV/AIDS, prevention of maternal to child transmission (PMTCT), STI treatment, and OI treatment including Antiretroviral (ARV) treatment and collaboration with Thai health facilities.

There are 8 staff working with VCT, currently the service is taking care of and providing ARV’s to 72 of patients in collaboration with Mae Sot hospital and Pho Pra hospital.

Mae Tao Clinic has strong partnerships with other community based organisations that work with HIV/AIDS patients, such as Mens Health Center and Social Action for Women. In April 2011, VCT staff attended the National AIDS Conference in Bangkok and presented the Mae Tao Clinic HIV/AIDS prevention and care activities.

Through our VCT and PMTCT programmes, more and more people living with HIV/AIDS are identified as needing ARV treatment, unfortunately however, there is not sufficient funding avaialble to fully manage them all.