February 27, 2017


Below is a list of common abbreviations related to and used at the Mae Tao Clinic


ABSDF All Burma Students Democratic Front

AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

ANC Antenatal Care

ARHN Adolescent Reproductive Health Network

ARV Anti Retroviral Treatment

BBG Burma Border Guidelines

BCH Bamboo Children’s Home

BAMF Burma Adult Medical Fund

BCMF Burma Children Medical Fund

BHWG Boarding House Working Group

BMA Burmese Medical Association

BMWEC Burmese Migrant Workers Education Committee

BPHWT Backpack Health Worker Team

CBOs Community Based Organisations

CDC Children’s Development Centre

CHW Community Health Worker

CMH Chiang Mai Hospital

CPPCR Committee for the Protection and Promotion of Child Rights

CTDCE Coordination Team for Displaced Children’s Education

DKBA Democratic Karen Buddhist Army

EART Emergency Assistance and Relief Team

FHI Family Health International

GHAP Global Health Access Program

HBC Home-Based Care Program (for HIV)

HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus

HIS Health Information Systems

ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross

IDPs Internally Displaced Persons

INGOs International Non-Governmental Organisations

IPD Inpatient Department

IPU Infection Prevention Unit

IRC International Rescue Committee

KAP Knowledge and Practices SurveyKDHW Karen Department of Health and Welfare

KNU Karen National Union

KWO Karen Women’s Organisation

KYO Karen Youth Organisation

KHWA Karenni Health Worker Association

MAP Migrant Assistance Program

MMT Mobile Medical Teams

MOE (Thai) Ministry of Education

MOH (Thai) Ministry of Health

MSF Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders)

MSH Mae Sot Hospital

MTC Mae Tao Clinic

NGOs Non-Governmental Organisations

NHEC National Health Education Committee

NLD National League for Democracy

OPD Outpatient Department

PHC Primary Health Care (training)

PHPT Perinatal HIV Prevention Trial

PMTCT Preventing Mother to Child Transmission (of HIV)

PRC Public Relations Center

RH Reproductive Health Department

SAW Social Action for Women

SHC Shan Health Committee

SLORC State Law and Order Restoration Council

SMRU Shoklo Malaria Research Unit

SPDC State Peace and Development Council

STIs Sexually Transmitted Infections

TB Tuberculosis

TBA Traditional Birth Attendants

TBBC Thai Burma Border Consortium

TDH Terre Des Hommes

VCT Voluntary Counselling and Testing (for HIV and STIs)

WEAVE Women’s Education for Advancement and Empowerment