February 27, 2017

Mae Tao Clinic Sponsor a Child

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How you can help

Mae Tao Clinic support over 1,000 children in their boarding houses. These are children who through many reasons, do not have a loving family to live with and take care of them.

They need your help.

Every child has the right to a better future. In order for Mae Tao Clinic to continue to support these children we need your help For $1 a day you can help provide essential care for your sponsor child.

What my money will provide

Your money will go towards your sponsor child, and other children like them in the Mae Tao Clinic’s boarding Houses, to provide food, clothing, bedding, healthcare and education. By sponsoring a child you not only help one child but many children to receive the basic care they need.

These children need your help now

Start sponsoring a child today

These are just a few of many children where your money will go to help feed, shelter and educate.

Sponsor a child today:

I want to sponsor [a child] monthly  $1 a day is $30 monthly

I want to sponsor [a child] annually  $1 a day is $360 annually

* Please notify us your name, name of the child you want to sponsor, the period of sponsorship, and your email address.