August 8, 2017

Health Systems Strengthening Plan

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Our Mission

The Health Systems Strengthening Project is a network of ethnic and community health organisations who are working together to strengthen health systems in Eastern Burma, and to advocate for equitable and essential primary health services for vulnerable and displaced people throughout Burma. HSS members provide comprehensive health programmes in their local areas through a collaborative approach with local, national, international and government bodies. HSS members are working towards an improved health system, that is decentralized, where the work of existing ethnic and community health organisations is accredited and an integral part of a Federal Health System.

Our Vision

An accessible, equitable, and quality primary health care system, where health services are equally available to all through a multi-sectoral approach that ensures the protection of the poor and vulnerable within a Federal Union of Burma.

Project Design

The design of this project is based on WHO’s 6 pillars of health (click the button below to see details).

We have developed a Strategic Plan 2016-2019 and from this, an action plan and work plan has been developed.

Health Service will be delivered within an area rather than by organization. This will ensure comprehensive coverage, sustainable transparent administration with improved accountability.

Download MTC’s Health System Strengthening Strategic Plan 2016-2019 here