Service provision or delivery is an immediate output of the inputs into the health system, such as the health workforce, procurement and supplies, and financing. Increased inputs should lead to improved service delivery and enhanced access to services. Ensuring availability of health services that meet a minimum quality standard and securing access to them are key functions of a health system. 1
Goal 1. To improve accessibility to comprehensive, quality primary health care services
  • To ensure all health centers have functioning appropriate infrastructure
  • To develop a standard service package for each clinic
  • To identify and develop specific clinics who will provide Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC) or advanced care in addition to a standard level of service
  • To ensure all health centers have appropriate and sufficient human resources to provide primary health care services
  • To conduct health service mapping with ethnic and Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU) to ensure equitable access
  • To develop referral systems with both Thailand and Myanmar facilities
  • To develop a disaster preparedness plan
  • To develop health promotion activities with community involvement
  • To ensure Immunizations are administered in line with country protocols
  • To develop a quality assurance system for the project
Goal 2. To sustain the primary health service through community participation
  • To develop guidelines and opportunities for community participation to sustain the health services
  • To implement these guidelines for community participation
  • To educate the communities on the determinants of health for greater self-determination

Download MTC’s Health System Strengthening Strategic Plan 2016-2019 here

  1. World Health Organization, ed. Monitoring the Building Blocks of Health Systems: A Handbook of Indicators and Their Measurement Strategies. Geneva: World Health Organization, 2010.