The health information system is sometimes equated with monitoring and evaluation but this is too reductionist a perspective. In addition to being essential for monitoring and evaluation, the information system also serves broader objectives, such as providing an alert and early warning capability, supporting patient and health facility management, enabling planning, underpinning and stimulating research, permitting health situation and trends analyses, orienting global reporting, and reinforcing communication of health challenges to diverse users.1


Goal 1. To improve the standards of health records
  • To review all health records
  • To standardize data collection tools
Goal 2. To upgrade health workers’ Health Information management skills and knowledge.
  • To develop and/or revise Health Information Management System
  • To improve data management capacity at all levels of administration
  • To develop strong epidemiological and research skills for health workers
Goal 3. To improve the communication concerning the health information system with all stakeholders.
  • To improve communication with donors, governments, partner organizations, INGOs, community/civil society
  • To improve the capacity for all levels of administrative staff on health information communication to stakeholders


Download MTC’s Health System Strengthening Strategic Plan 2016-2019 here


  1. World Health Organization, ed. Monitoring the Building Blocks of Health Systems: A Handbook of Indicators and Their Measurement Strategies. Geneva: World Health Organization, 2010.