Health financing is fundamental to the ability of health systems to maintain and improve human welfare. At the extreme, without the necessary funds no health workers would be employed, no medicines would be available and no health promotion or prevention would take place.1 

Although the Ministry of Health and Sport (MoHS) released the Myanmar National Health Plan 2017-2021 and made a goal to “extend access to a Basic Essential Package of Health Services to the entire population by 2020 while increasing financial protection,” Out of Pocket expense in Myanmar is beyond that of the global average (32%). In 2014, 81% of total health expenditure originated from out-of pocket financing. Despite the fact that the figure decreased to 65% in 2015, it still far exceeds the global average.2


Goal 1 To develop an effective, efficient and transparent financial system.
  • To develop standardized financial policies for the overall project
  • To ensure appropriate budget allocation to provide an equitable health care service
  • To develop strong procurement and logistics policies
  • To develop strong feedback mechanisms from the community by engaging the village health committees through greater financial systems awareness
Goal 2 To maintain nancial security for the Federal Health System
  • To develop sustainable financial strategies
  • To advocate for financial support to all stakeholders
  • To evaluate the understanding of the stakeholders of the fundraising strategy
  • To engage the government on financial support for a Federal Health System
Goal 3 To ensure financial security is maintained for every individual in the Federal Health System in Eastern Burma
  • To ensure acceptable, accessible, affordable health care services are provided to all

Download MTC’s Health System Strengthening Strategic Plan 2016-2019 here



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