Hear Myanmar (https://bit.ly/2ST2UJz) launched a fundraising campaign to support Mae Tao Clinic’s essential activities! Please check it out.


Here is the message:

You can play a part in the good work that Mae Tao Clinic has been doing since 1989, serving over 100,000 patients for FREE annually! They are raising 10 million baht (~4600 lakh MMK or $320K USD) to fund their operating expenditure shortfall this year and 3 million baht (~1400 lakh MMK or $95K USD) to restore the reduced staff stipend.

DONATE @ http://bit.ly/hearmaetao

MMK donation options:

KBZ Bank Account No.:
09810 3098 0247 9001

CB Bank Account Number::
0110 1001 0000 2248

Wave Money/Ok Dollar:
09890993116 (maximum 2 lakh)

^100% of funds received through the MMK accounts will be transferred to Mae Tao Clinic

HEAR Myanmar is happy to support their initiative with a donation of 50 lakh and we hope that you SHARE this video and CONTRIBUTE as much as you can to this initiative! 😊😇