Meet Our Patients (2): Poe Ei’s Story

Poe Ei is 23, and is from Bago, Burma, although she is living in Thin GanNyi Naung, Myawaddy division, now. She has three siblings. Her eldest sister is 25 years and her youngest brother is 18 years old. When she was young she worked at a factory together with her siblings in Yangon. Two years ago she married a man from Mawlamyaing and they both moved to Myawaddy. Her husband works at a car workshop but they don’t have a regular income, so sometimes they have to borrow money for food, but are always able to pay it back. They stay at an apartment that costs 20,000 Kyat per month and their average daily expenditure is 2,500 Kyat. There is no electricity for cooking so they are using charcoal and use candles at night.

In the past, they had never come to Mae Tao Clinic. They just went to the clinic in Myawaddy and had to spend at least 4,000 Kyat each time. Po Ei feels that that is too expensive, especially because they don’t have extra money for the treatment.

On Sunday 28th July 2013, she and her husband travelled by boat and car to get to MTC to deliver their first child. Poe Ei knew that the risk of complications during her birth was high, and knew that if she delivered here, she would receive comprehensive free care and food. She had already entered labour in Myawaddy and was in labour throughout the rising floods and evacuation to CDC, finally giving birth on Tuesday 30th July in a makeshift delivery room that was actually the CDC kitchen.

When Poe Ei’s son, Zin Min Soe, was born, she was happy and healthy. They only had to spend 1,000 THB for transportation and baby clothes and had no need to worry about food, shelter or medical care costs. She was very grateful to MTC for delivering her healthy baby, even if the location was less than conventional. She says the staff were very kind and helpful.

She’s already making plans for Zin Min Soe’s future now that he has received birth registration: “We are preparing to move to Thailand for our baby’s future. I will work hard to send my baby to go to school so he becomes an educated person”.

Posted on August 2, 2017, by Mae Tao Clinic.

This interview was conducted and posted previously on our old homepage.

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