Meet Our Patients (6): Tin Win’s story

Tin Win is 16 years old and was brought to MTC with a complicated case of severe malaria. He managed to contract the most severe strain of malaria called Plamodium Falciparum (PF), which often causes cerebral malaria and death.

Tin Win comes from Myawaddy Township, which is just across the border from Mae Sot. He left school at the age of 12 to help support his parents, who sadly no longer had the money to send him to school. He started working in construction and often had to travel to sites on the edge of the town where malaria is more prevalent.

His mother brought him to the Clinic after he was complaining of fever, vomiting and headaches. Over seven days, the Clinic treated him with malaria medicines and IV fluids, bringing him back to good health.

Asked why they did not go to Myawaddy Hospital nearer to their home, Tin Win’s mother explained that they did not have the money to pay for the services there. She also thinks that MTC medics are more skilled at treating illness. They would both like to thank MTC for their help.

Posted on August 3, 2017, by Mae Tao Clinic.

This interview was conducted and posted previously on the previous MTC website.

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