Without MTC’s treatment I might have been already dead. Thanks to the clinic, I am healthy and have daughters now.

32 years old Lay (alias) gave birth to twin daughters 11 days ago, Soe and Zoe in Reproductive Health Inpatient Department (RHIPD) at Mae Tao Clinic.

Since she moved to Myawaddy, Burma from her hometown around 15 years ago, Lay and her husband are hired as daily workers. They together earn about 250 THB (7.9 USD) per day.

She stopped working since she knew that she was pregnant around 1-month in. She started attending antenatal care (ANC) visit at a small clinic in her village. At 4th month of pregnancy, she decided to come to Mae Tao Clinic as she knew from experiences of deliveries at the old MTC that she has access to comprehensive maternal health care services with no money worries. Nevertheless, she had no idea the clinic was relocated to the new MTC compound: she visited the old MTC and thought the clinic was close, hence she went back home in vain.

Months later, she learned about the new MTC from her neighbors. She visited the clinic for the ANC. One day at 7th months of pregnancy, contractions started coming and her water broke while she was attending the ANC at MTC. Our health workers sensed urgency, they immediately referred Lay to the RHIPD. Almost immediately after she carried to delivery room newborn twins were delivered. Although there were no complications during and after the delivery, twins were premature and born at low birth weight, 1.28kg and 1.54kg respectively. They are in incubators to be given care to.

‘We are glad to have daughters because we have been waiting for long time. We want them to be what they want to be. They will be our last children and I will use the family planning provided at Mae Tao Clinic,’

said Lay and she added

‘It is hard to say to a person I don’t know well but I want to tell you this. Years ago, we had some family issues that made me deeply depressed. I eventually abused substances and ended up ruining my health. Without MTC’s treatment, I might have been already dead. Thanks to the clinic, I am healthy and have daughters now. Thank you also to the people whose donations cover the cost of deliveries at MTC.’

After admission and intensive care, Soe and Zoe got better. They are ready to go back home

We aim to ensure specific training for our midwives, improved clinical supervision and improved infection control in the delivery room. We regularly review the patients we referred and monitor our referral outcomes. Of 2,327 admissions to Reproductive Health In-patient Department in 2017, 2,152 babies were safely delivered at Mae Tao Clinic while 179 women (7.7%) were referred to Mae Sot General Hospital for advanced emergency obstetric care.

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