35-year old, Aye delivered all of her five children at Mae Tao Clinic and her newborn daughter was born yesterday. Although Aye has been pregnant before, she did not notice that she was pregnant until she was already 7 months in…


Aye is a 35-year old mother who delivered her fifth child at Mae Tao Clinic on 16 December 2019. While she is originally from Bago in Myanmar, Aye has been living in Thailand for 13 years. She says that she had to support her family as there was no source of income in Bago. In Thailand she found a job in one of the factories, where she also found her current husband.

After Aye and her husband got married, she found a new job as a housekeeper. Despite the fact that she holds a work permit, she still earns less than the official minimum wage. For a month of work she receives 6,000 THB (US$ 200), of which only 4,000 THB is remaining after she has paid her rent. Most of the time, Aye does not know where her husband is, he rarely comes home and does not support the family. The couple barely talks but when Aye informed him of her pregnancy, her husband stays with her.

Although Aye has been pregnant before, she did not notice that she was pregnant until she was already 7 months in. She simply thought that she was gaining weight but movements in her belly made her decide to visit a clinic near her house. After hearing she was pregnant, she visited Mae Tao Clinic for antenatal care. Aye is lucky that her employer allows her to take 3 months maternity leave.

Aye started to feel contractions and came to Mae Tao Clinic, where she delivered her daughter.

 “I could have received services at a Thai hospital as I have some health insurance, but I find it very inconvenient as I cannot speak Thai language. As a matter of fact, I delivered all of my five children at Mae Tao Clinic. Health workers are attentive and kind and they treat patients equally and fairly no matter who.

From my village, accessibility to the old Mae Tao Clinic is easier and the transportation is cheaper. Nevertheless, I’d like to thank every single health worker and donor of the clinic for their hard work and precious help that is so valuable for everyone in absolute need of free medical care.”

We aim to ensure specific training for our midwives, improved clinical supervision and improved infection control in the delivery room. We regularly review the patients we referred and monitor our referral outcomes. Of 1,786 admissions to Reproductive Health In-patient Department in 2018, 1,651 babies were safely delivered at Mae Tao Clinic while 135 women were referred to other health facilities for advanced emergency obstetric care.

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