Meet Our Students (14): Nay Blut Htoo’s Story

Nay Blut Htoo is 17-year old, living in Children’s Development Centre (CDC) boarding house since 2016. While many in the boarding house are going back to their hometown during the summer vacation, Nay Blut Htoo decided to enlarge his experience through an internship; he applied for an internship at Mae Tao Clinic and is currently working at Human Resources Department. He wants to become a doctor because he hopes to help others in need of medical treatment, especially people in his community who have no access to health care services.


I am from Hpa Pu Township, Karen State,[1] Burma/Myanmar. My hometown is located in an actual underdeveloped area. My parents are farmers, doing dry-field farming along hillsides. I have 5 siblings; of them, I am the second eldest.

In my village, there is only one primary school. I studied until grade 3 and moved to downtown to continue my study. I lived in a dormitory provided by the school. The boarding fees has increased year by year and often my parents were not able to send the fees on time due to their stingy income. I was wondering whether I could keep studying because I knew the tuition fees and boarding fees were unduly burdensome to my parents.

Mae Tao Clinic runs one of its satellite clinics in our resident area. My mother was admitted to the clinic for several weeks. As her health condition was quite serious, she was referred to Mae Tao Clinic in Thailand. During her admission, she learned about the CDC school from a health worker that it provides education and protection to children from Burma who have hardships to access to education. Where there is a will, there is a way: as I finished the 8th grade, my mom asked me if I want to go study in Thailand. I was thrilled when she asked me that with a hope I can continue to study.

Life in the Boarding House

Living in the boarding house makes me feel safe and happy. Boarding house staff are very supportive and they supervise us kindly but firmly. At the boarding house, we have group duties, such as cleaning, cooking and watering the plants etc. I like fulfilling these duties because I feel that it builds our ownership of our own space. Moreover, I have been able to improve my teamwork ability and language skill, especially English.

We have several opportunities to attend trainings, for instance, child protection training and adolescent training. Through the training, I have learned what the safe touch is and how to identify child abuse etc.

I love singing and playing music. I can play guitar, piano, and drum. I used to play these musical instruments at church. I like reading when having free time because I believe that the more I read the more knowledge I can gain. I also like to play caneball[2] with my friends in the evening. In general, I like sports as I like the feeling of sweating while exercising.

My future plan after school

Many in the boarding house went back home during the summer vacation while some started volunteering at Mae Tao Clinic to gain a valuable experience. I personally decided to spend my time here because I wanted to improve some skills required for an NGO (Non-governmental Organisation) or CBO (Community Based Organisation) through the internship. As the proverb says in Burmese “Pin Nyar Shwe Oe, Lu Ma Koe,” which means ‘no one can steal your skill or education’, I’d love to gain more knowledge and skill throughout any opportunity I can grasp.

For me education is important as I believe that it helps my life to be more secure; to have a decent and better job. I like living in Thailand because I prefer the education here to Burma. I will be in grade 11 in the 2018-2019 academic year. If I have a chance I want to continue my education at university.

One day, I want to become a doctor. I’d love to help others in need of medical treatment, especially people in my community who have no access to health care services.

Finally, I’d like to say ‘Thank You’ to donors who have been supporting us. I wish you a lot of love, happiness, success and blessing with everything you do today, tomorrow, and the future.

CDC boarding house is one of the boarding houses directly supervised and managed by Mae Tao Clinic through dry food programme. There are 167 students living in the CDC boarding house and attending the CDC school.

(We conduct interviews with our students in accordance with the MTC Child Protection Policy. Interviews are conducted by our responsible Child Protection staff who are trained.)

The Children’s Development Centre (CDC) has continued to provide education to displaced children from Burma. In the academic year 2017-2018, 880 students are enrolled. CDC works on accredited education for its students through the Thai Non-Formal Education (NFE) programme, currently followed by 114 students. The NFE programme enables CDC students with interest in Thai language to access accredited education. A second pathway to accredited education is the Pre-General Education Development (Pre-GED) programme, in cooperation with BEAM Education Foundation and Thabyay Education Foundation.



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[1] Karen State is a state of Myanmar. It is bordered by Thailand to the east. Majority of refugees and migrants along the Thai-Burma border are from Karen State.

[2] Caneball is the traditional and national sport of Myanmar (Burma). It is non-competitive, with typically six people playing together as one team. The ball used is normally made from handwoven rattan, which sounds like a basket when hit. Similar to the game of hacky-sack, caneball is played by individuals passing the ball between each other within a circle, without using their hands. [Wikipedia:]