Meet Our Students (25): Lin’s Story

Since my parents were divorced, I was living with my grandparents and uncleas my mother went to Bangkok to work. But she came back as she became sick. She could not make it in the end and I was sent to Thailand as my grandparents could not afford my school fees.

I want to become a translator or a tour guide because I want more people to know some good parts of my country.


My name is Lin[1]. I am originally from Mawlamyine[2], Burma, born in 2002. I am an only child of my parents. My parents got divorced when I was little. My father left us and in order to support the family and send me school, my mother went to Bangkok alone in search of a job and asked my grandparents and uncle to look after me. After working in Bangkok for several years, she had to come back to us back in Burma due to her health issues. Her health condition continuously got worse and eventually, she passed away a few months later.

My grandparents and uncle were very supportive: they tried their best for me to continue my education. Nevertheless, they could not afford my education expenses after grade 7 because the cost had been increasing year by year. They had discussed with their close friend who resides in Thailand and decided to send me to Mae Sot to continue my education 3 years ago.

Overview of New Blood school

Since then, I have been living in the New Blood boarding house. Although the boarding house is a place where provides food and education, I was upset at first as I missed my mother and grandparents badly. As time passes in the boarding house I realised that it was not only me but many peers in the boarding house that have no parents. As friends and sibling-like, we support each other by sharing happiness and sadness and caring. This support makes me stronger.

My Education

One of the classrooms at New Blood school

I am in grade 10 at the New Blood migrant learning centre. Among other 8 subjects, I especially like Chemistry. I’m interested to learn how molecules and elements are compounded to become atom. My school follows the Burmese curriculum so that we can prepare a Burma (Myanmar) matriculation test. I will take the test because if you pass the test you can get the Myanmar high school diploma which is accredited and recognised by the Burma government. I think this will bring more educational opportunities to me in the future, for instance, I can go to college or university in Burma.

Students playing football after school

My Dream

At the moment, I want to become a translator or a tour guide because I want to tell the story of my country to the world — I want more people to know some good parts of my country.

Dry Food Programme

Thanks to this programme, we have access to education and protection services, which protect us from child labour, trafficking and child abuses.


(We conduct interviews with our students in accordance with the MTC Child Protection Policy. Interviews are conducted by our responsible Child Protection staff who are trained.)

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Poor economic conditions and the lack of educational facilities are forcing students to leave their hometowns in Burma, and seek education and protection along the Thai-Burma border. Boarding houses ensure children access to education and protection. The Dry Food Programme provides food rations to 1,952 children and staff at 23 boarding houses in migrant communities (Thailand) and 15 boarding houses in IDP areas (Burma) managed by the Karen Women Organisation (KWO). The programme provides boarding house children with basic food provisions every month. Children living in the boarding house are protected from child labour and trafficking.

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[1] For student’s privacy, we used an alias.

[2] Mawlamyine is the fourth largest city of Burma/Myanmar, 300 km south east of Yangon. The city is the capital and largest city of Mon State, Burma/Myanmar and is the main trading center and seaport in south eastern Myanmar. [Wikipedia: