Meet Our Students (7): K– ‘s Story

Afer K’s dad passed away her mom had to work alone to earn a livelihood for six children. Regardless of her mom’s effort, it was impossible to send all to school. K was sent to a boarding house where Mae Tao Clinic supports and it’s been already seven years. Although K has not able to contact her mom freely as her mom lives in a village that has no access to cellphone, she is happy to live in the boarding house with peers. “You cannot imagine how important and priceless it is to study and live in a safe place,” said she.


* Due to her privacy, we initialised her name.

My name is K. I was born on 12th April 1997, in Than Daung Kyi Township, Karen State, Burma/Myanmar. I have five siblings and am the fourth among them. My dad passed away when I was a child. Since then only my mom has to work alone to support the whole family. My mom does not earn a lot from her work, so wages she earns could barely cover our daily meal but sometimes couldn’t. My mom cannot afford to support all my siblings to go to school. Therefore, I was sent to the boarding house in order to go to school.

I have been living in the boarding house since 2010. I rarely have contact with my mom because our village is still underdeveloped and it is hard to reach and talk to her even on the landline. I sometimes hear about her through people from my resident area. All I can do here is to wish that she was doing fine.

Boarding house life

I love to stay in the boarding house because I have free access to education, safe place to stay and enough food unlike back in my hometown. Moreover, I feel very secure and am warm-hearted to live with many friends in the boarding house, who are like my sisters, and boarding house staff are like my parents. I love and respect them. However, it will be the last year for me living in this house because I will finish my high school in this 2017-2018 academic years.

While living in the boarding house, I have improved communication skill, team working, self-confident, and time management — all schedules are fixed so I learned how to be punctual and how to allocate limited time.

My Education

I am currently in grade 12.  There are many different subjects at school but English is my favourite subject among them. I believe that the better English skill will give me the more opportunities to be able to study at university. Education is very important for me as the reality becomes completely different whether to have a post-secondary diploma — I can have more job opportunities after graduation. I believe that the education is the key to unlock the golden door of development in my community, in my country and to the whole world as without knowledge one can misjudge and mistake many important things in one’s life.

Thank You

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say ‘Thank You’ to the generous donors who have helped and provided us education, safe place and food.  You cannot imagine how important and priceless it is to study and live in a safe place. Your generous contributions have given me a chance to become an educated person and helped me to have a better life.


(We conduct interviews with our students in accordance with the MTC Child Protection Policy. Interviews are conducted by our responsible Child Protection staff who are trained.)

Dry food program –
Children having a meal at CDC school

Children living in the CDC boarding houses and the Bamboo Children’s Home continue to receive support from MTC, allowing them to have a safe space to live and access education. The Dry Food Program continues to provide a safe living environment and provides basic dry food supplies to children living in 23 boarding houses including three months of emergency support across migrant and IDP areas.

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