Mae Tao Clinic developed a Strategic Plan in 2013 for 2014-2018 Over the last 2 years there have been major socio-political changes in the region. We have undertaken a review of our Strategic plan with revised assumptions. The contextual environment in which we are operating has changed so dramatically we are now presenting a revised Strategic Plan for 2017-2021. Mae Tao Clinic will review and revise its strategic plan every two years to continually adapt to the ever changing environment and ensure we are focussed on the needs of the people who we serve.

Organizational Context in 2016:

  • MTC will continue to be accessed, trusted and respected by the community and partners
  • There will be increased opportunity for collaborative health programs with Thai and Burmese ministries of health, CBOs and Ethnic Health Organizations (EHOs)
  • MTC will continue to engage with new partners on the Thai-Burma border and within Burma
  • MTC will continue to face funding challenges due to the shift in international attention to programs inside Burma
  • MTC will continue to experience staff turnover due to resettlement and return to Burma
  • MTC’s will need to adapt to the changing health caseload in line with the changing environment on the Thai Burma border
  • MTC is a core member of Health System Strengthening steering committee
  • MTC will continue to be learning and skills performance center for Health worker for Thai-Burma border and Eastern Burma.

Download Mae Tao Clinic Strategic Plan 2017-2021 Here