February 8, 2017


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Mae Tao Clinic has continued to provide essential primary health care to a significant number of clients. This population would be unable to afford health care in Burma or Thailand. Our vision continues to be that we provide quality and affordable healthcare to all people who are from Burma.


Key Health Service Statistics 2018

We have seen a consistent decline in patient admissions and consultations since 2013. This is largely attributed to the increased availability of primary health care services along the border and in Eastern Burma, which MTC is part of the Health Systems Strengthening project to support these services.

Additionally, the Thai government has imposed more stringent regulations on undocumented migrant workers making it more difficult for them to cross the border and travel within Thailand. At the same time, more migrant workers have obtained a work permit with appurtenant health insurance.

Mae Tao Clinic provided 98,762 consultations; of them, 7,314 were admitted for the further diagnoses and treatment. Among the total patients, 61% were women and 25% were children under 5 years old. In addition, 61% of clients are from the Thai side.

Mae Tao Clinic Inpatient wards walkaway

(Last Update: 19 August 2019)