Our patients come from all over Burma seeking healthcare, while others are displaced people and migrant workers living in the Mae Sot area.


About half of the MTC’s caseload in outpatient services and 40 percent of the caseload in inpatient services is comprised of displaced people from Burma living around Mae Sot. Over the years the number of displaced people and their families visiting the clinic has increased steadily, and it is anticipated that the trend will continue as long as the situation in Burma remains unstable.


The other half of the MTC outpatient caseload and 60 percent of the inpatient caseload consists of people who make the difficult journey to cross the border from Burma in order to seek health care. These people are usually the ones in need of the most extensive care, as they wait until the situation is critical before undertaking the potentially dangerous trip. This population is likely to continue seeking care outside of Burma, as the health care infrastructure in Burma remains drastically inadequate (The World Health Organisation ranks Burma’s health system second worst of all its member states, only outperforming Sierra Leone – 190th of 191 countries-1997).


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